“I’d like to thank the academy…”

This is a crazy post to write, so I’ll start from the start. We bought our lovely wee house in June this year and started blogging our way through the renovations. I heard about the Irish Blog Awards fairly shortly afterwards and decided to stick my name in the hat for the Interior Design/Architecture personal blog category. I’m a bit achievement-oriented I suppose – as anyone who knows me can testify to! “Interior Design Irish Blog of the Year” sounded pretty good, right?

There were four rounds of judging and I was amazed to even make the longlist back in August, let alone the shortlist and then the finalist list. The other blogs in the category are all excellently written and had been around a lot longer so I very quickly wrote off our chances.

The award organisers had a fantastic ceremony in the Academy in Dublin on 5th October which unfortunately we couldn’t attend, but long story short… I got this text halfway through the evening to let me know that WE WON! My jaw has been on the floor ever since!

Some of the other finalists in the category are incredible blogs as well – check them out!

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