We had a bunch of electricians and plumbers lifting floorboards and removing skirting boards as they completed the insulations works. Unfortunately, a few of the skirting boards were discarded and needed to be replaced at the end of the work. This is a step-by-step guide on how to attach a skirting board.

The equipment

  • No More Nails, or other adhesive
  • Nails (go figure!)

The method

  1. Here is the state the skirting board was left in. The old glue has formed completely solid. Ideally, I’d scrape it off or get a new piece of wood, but neither was an option for this piece.
  2. Following the directions on the applicator, get your adhesive ready. I used No More Nails which basically sticks any surface to any other surface – dead handy!
  3. Apply liberally to the backside of the board.
  4. Press the board against the wall, being sure to line up the top of the skirting with adjoining pieces. Then hammer a nail into the board about every 25-50 cm. I used the only long nails I had, but there are better nails with smaller heads which don’t look as obvious that you can buy.
  5. Once the board is attached, let the glue dry and then to finish it, apply decorators caulk to any gap at the top before painting. C’est voilà!


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