One of the new joys of home ownership is spending part of your weekend walking the aisles of Woodies DIY warehouses looking for things that you never previously thought about. Last week I even found myself ogling pressure washers and then quickly catching myself on. Sure I used to be cool, right? Right??

Anyway, being an old house there are a lot of cracks where skirting boards and architraves don’t quite meet the wall or the floor as they should. All the fancy paint jobs in the world won’t make them look any better unless you seal the cracks.

What is “caulk”?

Tube of caulk in a mastic gun

Remember that squeezy toothpaste lookalike that your dad used to use out of a big gun? That’s the stuff! It’s a silicone gel that dries really quickly filling around tiling or woodwork, and which most of the time you can paint over (check the version you buy).

What difference does it make? Have a look at the before and after photo below – this is now ready to paint.

– Seán

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