So there has been a trend for a few years now of grey being used everywhere in Irish homes. You might have noticed bonkers names like “Elephant’s Breath”. We had some idea that we wanted to go along those lines, but upon flicking at a few paint charts very quickly we realised that we were out of our depth. How could there be so many versions of “not white”? Just how should we pick colours for our home?

Enter the interior designer

I’ll admit that I was sceptical at first that this was just a notion we took on the recommendation of a friend who had a good experience but went along with it anyway. She came in the form of Niamh MacGowan and for less than €300 spent three hours walking around the house and helping us pick colours, themes and styles for a few key rooms.

The absolute best thing about her was that she didn’t just leave us with a few ideas and then float off leaving us to make our own mind up. She forced us to decide there and then. By the time she left, we had the colours for four rooms picked – that wasn’t so hard!

How to pick colours: Colourtrend Aged Vellum

What colours did we pick?

Firstly, I got over my “all wood has to be white” fear and settled on a nice light grey (Colourtrend Shark Fin #0574) which will run through the house and pair up nicely with the other colours.

The front living room which gets all the light in the morning will be a lovely light grey green. (Colourtrend Resting Place #0462).

The biggest gamble was Farrow & Ball’s Inchyra Blue which will be used for the sitting room which has no windows. We had to embrace the fact that this will never be particularly bright.

The hall, stairs and landing will be Colourtrend Aged Vellum. Delicious!

We have a study which opens up to a front-facing balcony which we are going to paint a bold dark blue – Colourtrend Dragonfly Wing.

The bedroom was going to be Farrow & Ball Charleston Grey (and we bought the paint!) but we have changed our mind a few times. Watch this space!

Also – we saved a small fortune by picking up some of the paint in Belfast. Worth thinking about if you’re north of the border.

Stay tuned for the before and after photos!

– Seán

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