So in the summer of 2017, the Dublin property market is red hot. Again. Sigh. After three months of searching high and low, however, we got really lucky and closed a sale, and subsequently relocated our life from a small two bedroom apartment in Dublin 2 out to the suburbs of South County Dublin. Woohoo – house bought! Prosecco time!

It’s a semi-detached four bed built around 1955 which needs a fair bit of freshening up so this blog will be dedicated to our journey through figuring out how to make it our own. Neither of us has any experience doing DIY and both of us work in IT… so this should go swimmingly… (famous last words!)

What order should we do work? Do you paint the walls before the ceiling? What the heck is caulk? How am I in Woodie’s for the fourth time this weekend? If those are questions that you’ve ever asked yourself then this blog might be for you.

– Seán & Angela

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